Wheel Engraved Antique Mirror

Brilliant Cut Glass Entry

Antique Glass Reproduction

Brilliant Cut and Antique Entry Glass

Antique mirror reproduction with polished grooves.



Glasslight can produce replacements for antique mirrors and brilliant cut entry glass that have been broken or damaged. Here are some antique mirror reproductions and repairs that we have executed for various clients around the country.

We can either wheel engrave new mirrors based on antique mirror designs or design and carve totally new mirror designs. The glass is custom silvered after we carved the glass so the glass can have a clean mirror finish or be custom antique silvered to match the look of older mirrors.

Glasslight can reproduce the victorian glass entries prevalent in the late 1800's. These were usually brilliant cut in frosted glass. Original glass panels were carved into glass as thin as 1/8". For code we will usually carve these on laminated glass which will also provide a sturdier replacement glass. To match an existing antique glass piece precisely we like to have samples of the broken piece. The individual polishing styles of different brilliant cutters leads to a variety of surface finishes.



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Antique venetian mirror - repair

brilliant cut entry glass

Antique glass rosettes for various antique mirrors

Antique brilliant cut entry glass

Antique mirror reproduction with gold border